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We get letters! Thanks for writing in, everyone. 
We LOVE hearing from you!

"Thank you for Craft TV -- I work in a hospital laundry and sometimes work 12 hrs. or more. I love crafts and do not feel much like crafting when I get home. I am always watching craft shows and get lots of ideas but never get time to do them. Well, I came across your site and subscribed to Craft TV. I received my first video in April and it had so many ideas I couldn't decide what to try first. I have birthdays coming up and am making the garden tea cups for everyone and myself. It looks so simple and I have a Dremel so I can cut the pipe and what a great way to use those many cups I have accumulated from flea markets and yard sales. I also love the basket table with the flowers. I have an old wash basket collecting dust - what a great idea! I have the May issue to check out and I am sure I will have tons more projects to try. Thanks to you and your staff, I have gotten the craft bug once again." 

Sincerest thanks, 


"Thanks so much, I received my second CRAFT-TV video and have enjoyed them. I love sharing some of your simpler ideas with the kids in my neighborhood. I have a granddaughter that has been crafting with me since she was 2 years old. She is now 6. She gets to come an visit regularly and we always plan at least one craft project at each visit. Because the kids in the neighborhood play with her from time to time, they too have learned that this is the place to craft. I have watched little minds open to the crafting world." 
Thanks for finding me.....
Vicki Geistlinger

"I have just spent the most wonderful hour and a half watching my CRAFT TV video! Felt like I was crafting with a girlfriend. As a crafter this is just what I have been looking for. It was so enjoyable to watch the tape and there was no hard selling of the products.

The video was really good quality, so clear. The crafts were so easy to follow and the neatest thing is any time I want I can go back and watch it over and over. Plus having the instructions on paper is so great! Pattie is the perfect host, her personality is so enthusiastic and warm, you can tell she enjoys what she is doing.

If only the craft shows would do this, make it like you are right there with them making crafts with friends. Now I cannot wait until the next tape comes out. If people would try just one tape I know they would feel as I do. The price of the tape is certainly worth it.

I just melted seeing the segment on the retreat. Maybe one day I can attend. This is a fantastic video, perfect in fact, will be spreading the word to everyone I know. One more thing and I will stop rattling on here. I feel the price for the video is well worth it. I will keep ordering as long as you make them.

Again super job!"
Pat Brooner

Pattie, this is great! 
I'm a military spouse overseas. We only have about 7 channels and its all prerecorded and picked by other people. No say in it. We get one 30 minute program that could be gardening or a lifestyle program a week. Most of our programs are news or sports. Its horrible and I have to say one of the worst things about being overseas. This will give me a touch of home and feed my craft addiction. I'm sure when I spread the word about this you will get tons of subscriptions. I do craft shows over here and will have to tell all the communities. 
Thanks so much,

Hi Pattie and Friends: 
Wow! you have just outdone yourselves on your new tape. You always seem to be having so much fun and it makes me want to join right in and do everything you do.
Pattie, it has always amazed me how you can do so many things and do them so well. Just keep up the good work and inspire all of us who have not been blessed with quite the degree of talent you have but it helps us think just maybe we can do more than we think we can. Keep having fun. I love it. 
Best wishes, 
Jean Blevins

Hi Pattie,
I wanted you to read this. Remember the lady in Arizona that received two videos and you told her to give the other one to someone who would enjoy it? Well, she gave it to a lady that has been very ill and not able to go back to work yet. She sent this to me today as it was in the reply she got from the lady after getting the video. She knew I would love to read it and I thought you would too.

She wrote.....I started watching the tape and it is so good. I love the format, I love the crafts and I cried when I saw Marlene. As soon as I am back to work, I will be getting it myself.....Patti does a wonderful job and she seems to be having such a great time. Thank you for sending the packet, I really do appreciate it.
Hugs and Kisses,


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