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Craft TV Video Volume Archives - Browse the details of each issue below to find your favorites!

CRAFT TV - Volume 1 - (approx. 87 minutes) June 2002
This introduction to Craft TV is a must see. Lots of great crafting.... rubberstamping, wire crafts, boxcrafting, candle making, glass projects, PLUS the very first Craft Wars! Watch Pattie as she sews an outfit for Rosie the Chihuahua, arranges a fantastic fresh flower wreath, and sews a gorgeous scrapbooking album cover. Enjoy an interview with Suzanne McNeil as our guest, and visit with fellow crafters at Joan Fee’s Creative Retreat! 10 beautiful craft projects. 

1. Fresh Flower Wreath by Pattie with EZ Wreathmaker (used to decorate Wedding)
2. Bottle Cut Candleholders by Marlene Watson with Armour
3. Webbing Sprayed Home Dec Ensemble by Joan Fee with Krylon
4. Rosie’s Outfit by Pattie with Wizard Sewing Attachments
5. Interview with Suzanne McNeil, Editor/Owner of Design Originals (redwork & more)
6. Beaded Wind Charm by Joan Fee with Artistic Wire
7. Rubberstamped Ring Box & “Woodstock” Circle Sphere by Pattie with Mini Boxmaker
8. Craft Wars with Berry Baskets (Joan makes a table runner & Pattie makes a lamp shade!)
9. Sand Candles by Pattie with Yaley Candles
10. Creative Retreat Field Trip with Joan Fee, Lauren Johnston, & Pattie
11. Fiber Covered Wedding Scrapbook sewn by Pattie with Adornaments

CRAFT TV - Volume 2 - (approx. 80 minutes) July 2002
Join Pattie as she prepares the flowers and paper shoe favors for her daughter’s wedding, and visits her mom’s quilting room in Oklahoma to make a quilted tote bag. We even reached in our vault and brought out a great rubberstamped wooden box by Lauren Johnston. There’s also plaster hand sculptures, egg carving, flower pounding, fabric printing....and of course, 
CRAFT WARS! Fire up your glue gun and get ready! 10 exciting craft projects. 

1. Flower Pounding on Fabric by Joan Fee
2. Quilted Tote Bag by Pattie with Wizard Sewing Attachments
3. Egg Carving by Marlene Watson with Power Crafter
4. High-heeled Wedding Favors by Pattie with scenes at Wedding
5. Craft Wars with Egg Cartons (Marlene makes a turtle flower pot & Joan makes an airplane!)
6. Rubberstamped Masculine Wooden Box by Lauren with Walnut Hollow
7. Fresh Flower Wedding Bouquets & Corsages by Pattie with scenes from Wedding
8. Infant’s Plaster Hand Sculpture with Precious Impressions
9. Monogrammed Card, Potholder, Candle, & Gift Bag by Marlene Watson with Print Gocco 

CRAFT TV - Volume 3 - (approx. 63 minutes) Aug.2002 
Go with the Craft TV crew to a trade show in Chicago and see Kathleen Sam’s latest granny squares, make daisies and palm trees with the Sizzix die-cutter out of everything from fabric to metal, watch Kathy Peterson get artistic with a wire box and wire purse, see new rubberstamp ideas, and check out a painted patriotic tote bag. Plus, learn how to make retro resin grapes, and of course....Craft Wars! At least 9 delightful craft projects.

1. Wire Woven Purse & More by Kathy Peterson with Artistic Wire
2. Stamped Pillows & Frames by Grace Taormina with Delta
3. Craft Wars with Recycled CDs & Cases (Lauren makes a rubberstamped keepsake box/card, and Marlene makes mirrored charms!)
4. Die-Cut Note Cards, Appliques, Gift Tags & more by Desiree Tanner with Sizzix
5. Retro - Resin Grapes by Marlene Watson
6. Accordian-Folded Memory Scrapbook by Pattie from “Fun With Fibers Book”
7. Field Trip to Mansfield, Ohio Art Galleries and visit with 
Grandmothers.....with Pattie 
8. Color Sprayed Patriotic Flag Tote Bag and Blouse by Frances Lopez with Duncan
9. Granny Square Afghan by Kathleen Sams with Coats & Clark
10. Rubberstamped Tags and Jewelry by Julie Van Oosten with Limited Edition Rubberstamps

CRAFT TV - Volume 4 - (approx. 90 minutes) Sept 2002
We’re back at the trade show to see your old friend Cheryl Ball paint cool coasters, a new scrapbooking technique at Krause publications, watch Cari Clements actually knit with wire, learn new rubberstamp techniques, and see Marlene Watson decorate doll furniture with doilies that you rub on! Pattie has new boxcrafting ideas, and Mick Kelly joins us with a waterslide decal on mosaic tiles. Then, Craft Wars gets “artsy”..... and to top it all off, Marlene embellishes Scott’s (our director) socks and boxer shorts! 10 fantastic craft projects.

1. Paper Flower Basket and Swirly Top Gift Box by Joan Fee & Pattie with PattieWack Special Occasions Pattern Pak
2. Silkscreened Boxer Shorts & Socks by Marlene Watson with Print Gocco (modeled by Scott!)
3. Rubberstamped & Wired Frames by Lauren Johnston with Artistic Wire
4. Field Trip to “Art From Scrap Store” in Santa Barbara
5. Craft Wars with scraps found on field trip (Pattie makes an office file folder & matching box, and Lauren makes magnetic memo board!)
6. Mosaic Tile Collage by Mick Kelly with Lazertran
7. Decorative Goldfish Bowl by Marlene Watson with Armour 
8. Stamped Coaster, Vase, Box & More by Cheryl Ball with Delta
9. Rubberstamped Shadow Boxes by Julie Van Oosten with Limited Edition Rubberstamps
10. Miniature Desk & Chair & Table by Marlene Watson with Chart Pak
11. Knitted Wire Jewelry & Home Decor by Cari Clement with Bond America
12. Scrapbooking Page Flippers by Patti Swoboda with Krause Publications

CRAFT TV - Volume 5 - (approx. 70 minutes) Oct 2002
We will show you how simple it is to transform an ordinary kid’s room into a fantastic place to play, sleep, and be creative while including the kids help with the projects! Learn how to paint furniture, stencil shelves, rubberstamp curtains, decorate a mirror, and make a darling mobile to match the wallpaper 
border that will make the kids squeal with delight! You’ll also see Mick make a beautiful botanical tray, Joan Fee will create darling wire dangles, PLUS.....3-Dimensional cards with rubberstamps, bottle cutting, Craft Wars with pumpkins, and a festive fall patio party. 12 fabulous craft projects!

1. Spray-Painted Furniture for Kid’s room by Pattie with Krylon
2. Craft Wars with miniature pumpkins (Sharon Williamson make two Fall Centerpieces and Pattie makes Pumpkin Topiaries and Garden Candle Torchieres!)
3. Fairy Tale Shrink-It Mobile for Kid’s room by Pattie with Duncan
4. Glass Fairy Tale Canisters by Marlene Watson with Chart Pak
5. Pumpkin Patch Field Trip by Pattie to pick pumpkins for projects
6. Curvy Pleated Vase Centerpiece by Pattie with Patio Party
7. Rubberstamped Curtains by Pattie with Duncan
8. Gallery Glass Cut Vases by Marlene Watson with Armour
9. Rubberstamped Paper Baskets & Dimensional Cards by Leigh Edwards with Limited Edition Rubberstamps
10. Stenciled Shelves by Pattie with Walnut Hollow
11. Botanical Serving Tray by Mick Kelly with Lazertran
12. Garden Plant Poke by Joan Fee with Artistic Wire
13. Fairy Tale Mirror by Marlene Watson with Chart Pak

CRAFT TV - Volume 6 - (approx. 90 minutes) Nov 2002
This holiday video is packed with projects to decorate and for gift giving. Pattie shows how to use oranges and cloves for clever Christmas topiaries, 3-D Foiled Photo Charms, and beautiful breakfast trays. Then our friend Carolyn teaches how to gift wrap with sleeves, and then she tells how to creatively wrap gifts without wrapping paper! You’ll see tons of Christmas ornaments, a rubberstamped T-shirt, bottle-cut gifts, and egg artistry. Craft 
Wars is fantastic with projects using plastic tumblers! There are about 24 craft projects in this fabulous holiday volume! Wow!

1. Orange & Clove Candle Topiaries & Pomanders by Pattie
2. Sleeve Gift Bags & Unique Gift Containers by Carolyn Bainbridge
3. Craft Wars with Plastic Glasses (Marlene makes Giant Lighted Christmas Balls & Sharon makes Decorative Candle Cups!)
4. Semi-Precious Bead & Wire Necklaces by Lauren Johnston with Artistic Wire
5. A Huge Collection of Christmas Ornaments & Home Decor by Marlene Watson
6. Foil & Glass Photo Charms & Jewelry by Pattie
7. Ostrich Egg with Butterfly Embellishment by Mick Kelly with Lazertran
8. Rubberstamped & Painted T-shirts by Leigh Edwards with Limited Edition Rubberstamps
9. Bottle-cut Vases & Votives by Marlene Watson with Armour
10. Reverse Collage Breakfast Trays by Pattie

CRAFT TV - Volume 7 - (approx. 88 minutes) Dec 2002
Pattie plays a few Christmas tunes at the piano as she introduces her guests as they do last-minute preparations for the holidays. You’ll get to see dozens of beautiful Christmas crafts at Marlene Watson’s home....including a stunning Nativity Scene, a Christmas Tree made from keepsake jewelry, Clay Pot Nutcracker, tons of Ornaments, Crocheted Snowflakes, Teacup Christmas Bears, Papier Mache Train, and even an oil painting of Santa on the beach! But that’s not all....you’ll get more ideas than you can count, for decorating your home and for gift-giving. 

1. A Tour of Marlene Watson’s home filled with tons of Holiday Crafts 
2. Rubberstamped Embossing on Velvet by Joan Fee
3. Boxcrafting for Gift Giving by Pattie Donham with Curved Boxmaker How-to’s
4. Embossed Candles by Mick Kelly with Lazertran
5. Recycled Jeans Purse by Pattie Donham
6. Craft Wars with discarded books (Marlene makes an Altered Book for a new baby & Pattie makes a Wire Photo/Card Holder!)
7. Fresh Greenery Wreath, Centerpiece & Swags by Pattie with EZ Wreathmaker
8. Miniature Wire & Beads Christmas Trees & Stars by Joan Fee with Artistic Wire
9. Mosaic Serving Tray by Pattie with broken Snowman pottery
10. Etched Glass Poinsettia Partyware by Marlene Watson for Armour

CRAFT TV - Volume 8 - (approx. 86 minutes) Jan 2003
Everyone is getting ready for Valentine’s Day! Over 15 romantic projects are on this entertaining and informative video as Pattie and her guests make all the crafts you could possibly do for the perfect Valentine’s party. Craft Wars is packed with FOUR great projects with those cardboard 6-packs you would normally throw away! And remember the cute favors we used to make in the Favor Maker with the circles of tulle & ribbon? Well, here it is 
again, with some ideas you’ve never seen before....

1. Valentine Magnets & Tags by Pattie
2. Etched Glass Table Mats by Marlene Watson with Chart Pak
3. Valentine Chocolate Boxes & several more Box Ideas by Pattie with the Regular Boxmaker
4. Twisted Wired Cards & Tags by Lauren Johnston with Artistic Wire
5. Reverse Collage & Painted Valentine Dessert Plates by Pattie
6. Craft Wars with Cardboard 6-Packs (Pattie makes a Remote Control Caddy and a Guy’s Sports Caddy & Marlene makes a Valentine’s Day Gift Caddy and a Gardener’s Herbal Gift Caddy) .....that’s FOUR projects!
7. Die-Cut Roses by Pattie with Sizzix
8. Silk Fabric Transfers on Gift Cards and Pillow by Mick Kelly with Lazertran
9. Le Pouf Valentine Favors by Pattie with the Favor Maker
10. Etched, Hand Painted Pitcher & Tumblers by Marlene Watson with Armour
11. “How-To Make A Bow”...by Pattie
12. Valentine Party for Two....by Pattie

CRAFT TV - Volume 9 - (approx. 59 minutes) Feb 2003
Craft TV heads to a huge trade show to get the scoop on the latest craft products and projects...at H.I.A. in Anaheim, California. Get a peek behind the scenes while Pattie interviews the beloved craft pioneer, Hazel Pearson as she talks about how she and Aleene Jackson started the Craft Caravan and Craft Shows over 40 years ago! See bandanas turned into fabulous wearables, home decor. Beautiful art and gold leaf on glass, some new "Altered Books" and much more! 

1. Toile Bandana Home Dec & More Techniques by Kathy Peterson in the Carolina Manufacturing Booth
2. Art Print & Gold Leaf on Glass by Mick Kelly with Lazertran and Kathie Gillaspey in the Expressions Magazine Booth
3. Sand-Etched Martini Glasses & Charms by Terry and Marlene in the Armour Booth
4. Interview with Hazel Pearson, Crafting Pioneer
5. Rubberstamped Scrapbooking and Home Dec by Julia Andrus in the Duncan Booth
6. New Products tour all over the trade show by Pattie and a look at some very unique Altered Books
7. Craft Wars with 2-Liter Pop Bottles (Marlene’s Craft Class makes Beach Buckets, a Piggy Bank, a Paintbrush Caddy, and Cute Containers!)
8. Wire Plant Candleholders by Joan Fee with Artistic Wire
9. Die-Cut Fabric Appliqued Quilt & Pillow by Desiree Tanner in the Provo Craft Booth with Sizzix
10. Photo Cubes by Wade Kirkmeyer in the Photo Cube It! Booth

CRAFT TV - Volume 10 - (approx. 72 minutes) Mar 2003
The Easter Bunny (aka Pattie...) is running around gathering tons of ideas for Easter eggs, and baskets, cute kid’s crafts, and even and bunny ice mold! And to start things off, a visit to an egg show will simply amaze you with the most unbelievable decorated eggs you’ve ever seen....

1. California Artistry Egg Show field trip with dozens of eggury masterpieces from all over the world....with Pattie & Marlene
2. Beaded Emu Egg by Pattie
3. Egg Purse and Pinata Painted Eggs by Marlene
4. Wired Invitations/Cards by Lauren Johnston with Artistic Wire
5. Sand-Etched Charm & Goblet for Mom by Marlene Watson with Armour
6. BooBoo Bunnies by Pattie with washcloths
7. Polymer Clay Daisy Transfer by Mick Kelly with Lazertran
8. Craft Wars with strawberry baskets (Pattie and Scott & his mom, Shirley make Easter Egg Baskets) .......PLUS.....an encore Craft Wars where Joan makes a stencil for a Table Runner and Pattie makes a Beaded Lamp shade!)
9. Candy Baskets by Pattie with plastic Easter eggs
10. Ice Mold Easter Bunny by Marlene Watson & fresh flower centerpiece by Pattie
11. Easter Bunny Bags by Pattie 
12. Interview with Hazel Pearson & Marlene Watson, Crafting Pioneers ....as they chat about what crafting used to be in the 50’s when they worked with Aleene Jackson in the crafting industry....remember Swiss straw, fur & feather flowers, and bread dough flowers???
13. Bunny Eggs by Pattie with plastic Easter eggs

CRAFT TV - Volume 11 - (approx. 82 minutes) April 2003
Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to discover so many great projects to give as gifts to any special lady in your life! Craft TV is on-location in Ojai, California at the Ben Franklin store where Owner, Cindy Kemp joins us for a funky Craft Wars, and Jeannie Landquist shows a kid’s project for Mom. You’ll get some great ideas for garden crafts, from glass teacup votives & 
bird feeders to garden posts with the family member’s names. Here’s a ton of projects for your crafting library!

1. Pinata Painted Glassware & Gifts by Marlene Watson
2. Garden Glass Votive Torcieres by Pattie
3. Teacup Bird Feeders by Pattie and Shirley Wilkinson (aka “Mutti”)
4. Flower Petal Frame, Chair, Lamp shade & Garden Furniture by Pattie
5. Craft Wars with tin cans (Cindy Kemp makes a Moroccan Pincushion and Pattie makes a Tin Can Gardening Caddy!)
6. Teacup Pincushions & Hat Pins by Pattie with her mom, Pearl Harris (aka “Momma”)
7. Beaded Eyeglass Chain by Joan Fee with Artistic Wire
8. Family Sign Posts by Pattie with Krylon
9. Paint-stained Etched Roses by Marlene Watson with Armour
10. Vintage Utensil Wind Chimes by Pattie
11. Calico Angel by Jeannie Landquist with the Ben Franklin Store in Ojai, California


CRAFT TV - Volume 12 - (approx. 89 minutes) May 2003
Be inspired with Pattie a she pulls in the driveway after attending Joan Fee’s Creative Retreat, where she taught an amazing class on altered books & shares the flower pounding and jewelry making classes! And this month, there’s Extreme Crafting! Have you ever seen a flying cow???? There’s also masculine designs for gift-giving and fun party ideas just in time for Father’s Day. 
Plus, another visit to Ben Franklin’s in Ojai for 2 more great crafts!

1. Altered Books (Part 1) by Pattie with scenes at Creative Retreat
2. Fringed Fleece Blanket by Cindy Kemp at Ben Franklin’s in Ojai, California
3. Memo Boards & Flower Pounding by Pattie with scenes at Creative Retreat
4. Father’s Day Glass Ruler by Marlene Watson with Armour Sand Etching
5. Party Favors by Pattie with scenes at Pop’s 70th birthday party
6. Beaded Jewelry by Pattie with scenes at Creative Retreat
7. Scrapbooking by Lauren Johnston with Artistic Wire
8. Extreme Crafting with Cows, a fun field trip to Stella’s
9. Decoupaged Asian Tray by Jeannie Landquist at Ben Franklin’s in Ojai, California 
10. Card-Making by Marlene Watson with Print Gocco, Xyron, and Micro-Fleur Press
11. Chit-Chat by Pattie with viewer mail


Craft TV - Volume 13 - (approx. 86 minutes) June 2003
Don’t you just love Crafty Tips? Well, this month on Craft TV, Pattie has at least 10 nifty tips. She has everything from organizing beads, to making shred for gift baskets. The big news is....our excitement in welcoming Joy Sussex to Craft TV! She is a scrapbooker extraordinare, and she is going to be bringing us a new scrapbooking project every month. In this video you will get a sneak peak of her beautiful store and the grand opening in Orcutt, California. And of course, you get 11 fabulous crafting projects by Pattie and her talented guests, to inspire your creativity to the max! 

1. Irresistible Silk Pillows by Marlene Watson with silk painting techniques
2. Altered Books, Part 2 by Pattie with scenes at Creative Retreat
3. The Heritage Heart Grand Opening at new scrapbooking store with Joy Sussex
4. Craft Wars with communion cups, by Marlene Watson (fuzzy peepers) and Pattie (tassel tops).
5. Funky Frame Jewelry Organizer by Pattie 
6. Boxmaking Purse Favors by Heather Lancaster at ACCI trade show
7. Scrapbooking by Lauren Johnston with Artistic Wire
8. Polka-dotted Sandblasting with Marlene Johnston
9. Cards In A Can by Pattie, with recycled mint tins 
10. Polymer Clay Jewelry by Sandy Bassett, artist
11. Artistic Wire Fondue Dangles by Joan Fee


CRAFT TV - Volume #14 - (approx. 84 minutes) 
July 2003 - Pattie is decorating the studio with hot glue gun in hand! She’s covering an entire room divider with a crazy quilt design in tapestries, gluing sheer pockets on dramatic pillows to hold ‘secrets’, and covering a thrift store bar stool with old jeans. Cigar boxes have never been done quite like the ones in this Craft Wars, and Lauren makes some cute shapes for cards and jewelry. And for all you scrapbookers, you will love what Joy creates with a shape-cutter! 

1. Titles, flowers and frames for scrapbooking pages by Joy Sussex from The Heritage Heart  www.heritageheart.com, using the Fiskars Shape-cutter and templates
2. Crazy quilt room divider by Pattie, using tapestries and upholstery trims from Westrim
3. Whimsical pins, cards and tags by Lauren Johnston from Krystal Kraft
4. Pillows with “secret” pockets by Pattie
5. Etched glass tumblers by Marlene Watson with Armour Sand Etching
6. Thrift store bar stool painted and covered with recycled jeans by Pattie
7. Chunky painted shutter turned into a craft room organizer by Pattie
8. Craft Wars with cigar boxes (Marlene makes darling cookie and jewelry boxes with Coveralls™ and Adornaments™, and Pattie makes a rubberstamped box filled with decoupaged soaps using EZ Mount stamps from Sunday International!)
9. Chit Chat with communion cup ornament, a crocheted garter from Janed Sell, and vegetable jewelry


CRAFT TV - Volume #15 - (approx. 90 minutes) 
August 2003 - The Craft TV gang is punching holes, sanding & nailing, hot gluing, decoupaging, beading, rubberstamping, scrapbooking, and just plain crafting this month! There’s a beautiful hat for your entry, and maple leaves etched on glass. If you like retro crafts, you will just love the veggie jewelry made with carrots & potatoes.....believe it or not! See scenes at Joan Fee’s Creative Retreat and the altered art trays everyone created. Watch as Lauren and Pattie see who can make the most unique craft with pie tins......they’re so good, they BOTH get a crown!

1. Autumn hat decorated with fabric & florals for the front door by Pattie
2. Quick and easy shakers made from die-cuts, beads, sand and glitter with Joy Sussex from The Heritage Heart
3. Retro vegetable jewelry made from real veggies! by Marlene Watson
4. Altered art trays that are beaded, rubberstamped with EZ Mount stamps by Sunday Int, painted and decoupaged with papers from Design Originals by Pattie
5. Craft Wars with aluminum pie plates (Lauren makes a beaded noise-maker by JewelCraft and Pattie makes a key holder/cork message center)
6. Cobalt blue glass plates & mugs, sand-etched with maple leaves by Marlene Watson for Armour Sand Etching
7. Snazzy Shoe Night Light and scenes from Joan Fee’s Creative Retreat, as they show their Krystal Kraft night lights, using EZ Mounts stamps by Sunday Int.
8. Aromatherapy Sachets by Pattie, using the Perfect Favor Maker
9. Personalized printed ribbons for gift wrap by Marlene Watson with Print Gocco
10. Chit Chat with a letter from Hazel Pearson about Operation Christmas Child and their Shoe Box Program which fills boxes with toys and needed items. Dee Hickman’s letter is shared about the craft workshops she conducts with kids on the Isle of Mann. 
11. Bath salts recipe for filling sachets by Pattie


CRAFT TV - Volume #16 - (approx. 90 minutes)
September 2003 - This Craft TV episode starts out with Pattie designing a lovely altered art lamp shade to warm your living room, then she’ll make rich warm table runners, perfect to dress your dining room, and a decorative gift basket to fill with homemade breads and wine & apricot jam! Then set the table with plates reverse collaged with fruit cut-outs. For a final touch to your fall home decorating, make bauble & bead garlands to wind around a candelabra or basket. Chase away chilly days with a cozy corn collar, and you’re all set to write in your handmade girlfriend journal! 

1. Altered art lamp shade with antique music, rubberstamps, stickers and magazine clippings with Pattie and Sunday International and Design Original
2. Tags, tags, and more tags by Joy Sussex from The Heritage Heart www.heritageheart.com 
3. Table runners hot glued with fabric & bouillon fringe by Pattie
4. Craft Wars with tons of wine corks (Marlene makes a grape cluster wall plaque and Pattie makes a decorative basket)
5. Reverse collaged plates with fruit clusters from Wallies by Pattie
6. Colorful coaster etched by Marlene Watson with Armour Sand Etching
7. Girlfriend journals by Pattie with Sunday International
8. Cozy corn pillow by Pattie with Janome
9. Shrink-It baubles and bead garlands by Pattie with Duncan Crafts


CRAFT TV - Volume #17 - (approx. 70 minutes) 
October 2003 - Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Learn how to turn a pumpkin into a rusty turkey for the front porch. Grab some paper bags for Thanksgiving place mats, treat bags and clothespin napkin grabbers for the kids. Create ‘blessing favors’ for a cornucopia, and gift bags with a special poem for your Thanksgiving guests. Beautiful beaded bobeches on candlesticks will complete your table. You’ll see Pattie get wild & wiry with Christmas ornaments in an animal print... perfect for cards, tags, and even napkin rings! Did you know you can make a birthday card out of an aluminum can? 

1. Turkey pumpkin centerpiece, painted with a rust technique by Pattie with Krylon
2. Easy color blocking templates for scrapbooking pages by Joy Sussex from The Heritage Heart.com
3. Paper bag place mats clothespin napkin grabbers by Pattie
4. Wild and wiry Christmas ornaments by Pattie with Sunday International
5. Thanksgiving treat bags for the kids by Pattie
6. Craft Wars with recycled aluminum cans (Denise La Liberte’ made cute candle luminaries and Pattie made die-cut shapes for a star-studded birthday card)
7. “Blessings” favors in a cornucopia by Pattie with Per Favore’
8. Etched candy dishes by Marlene Watson with Armour Sand Etching
9. Thanksgiving gift bags & name tags with “I’m Thankful for You” poem by Pattie
10. Personalized playing cards by Marlene Watson
11. Beaded bobeches by Pattie


CRAFT TV - Volume #18 - (approx. 90 minutes) 
November 2003 - Wow! If you need Christmas gift ideas, this holiday crafting video will certainly inspire you. There are quick and fun fuzzy pens just perfect for office gifts, a personalized pet pillow, and a cozy fur afghan for those winter nights. Our CTV Director Scott Wilkinson, makes his debut on Craft Wars™ with a PVC-pipe pompom launcher for Dad & the kids, and Pattie makes a PVC-pipe candelabra that will shock everyone when you tell them what it is! Learn how to use your rubberstamps to create everything you need for a Christmas cocktail party to entertain your rubberstamp friends, from napkins to drink tags. 

Don’t forget the ladies on your holiday shopping list....they will love to receive a memory board made from a quilt block, or a stunning brooch made with broken china! There’s kinetic scrapbooking with Joy Sussex, etching with Marlene Watson, and more, for a total of 14 projects this month on Craft TV!

1. Quilt block memory board and button push-pins by Pattie with Hammerhead Glue
2. Craft Wars™ with PVC pipe (Pattie made a fantastic candelabra and Craft TV Director, Scott Wilkinson made a pompom launcher game for the kids!)
3. A rubberstamper’s Christmas cocktail party, including napkins, ribbon, table covers, and darling drink tags by Pattie with Sunday International...4 projects!
4. Faux fur throw in a luxurious patchwork & tasseled design by Pattie
5. Colorful etched glass Christmas ornaments by Marlene Watson with Armour 
6. Easy glass votives covered with glass pebbles, and personalized with alphabet beads, charms, and wire...perfect for quick gifts....designed by Pattie
7. Kinetic scrapbooking pages by Joy Sussex from The Heritage Heart.com 
8. Broken china turned into charms for stunning heirloom treasures, such as brooches, necklaces, bracelets, and key chains by Pattie with Sunday International
9. Pet pillows made with fringed fleece and then personalized with the name of your family pet, using only scissors, an iron, and fusible web....by Pattie
10. Fuzzy pens, just perfect for office gifts, because they are necklaces! ...designed by Pattie with Adornaments® fibers and Miracle Tape by Sunday International


CRAFT TV - Volume #19 - (approx. 83 minutes) 
December 2003 - From shoe boxes to suitcases, nothing is safe from Pattie as she organizes everything in her craft room at the Craft TV Studios. You’ll learn how to cover a chair with faux fur, make fabric-covered boxes, add texture to an old desk just perfect for a crafting station. You’ll love the rubberstamped file folders the fit perfectly into decoupaged vintage luggage, and create wild wooden spindles for your wire, ribbon, and tape.

If you have wood-mounted rubberstamps stuck in a drawer somewhere, you simply have to see Pattie’s idea for a shelving system, using ordinary frames. Get ready for pages that MOVE in your scrapbook! Joy Sussex gives you the best tips for creating kinetic pages, and this one is heirloom quality. More crafting than ever to get organized in you crafting room...for a total of 11 projects this month on Craft TV!

1. Screen Door Organizer, with a shabby chic look, complete with screening, to hold s-hooks in order to hang crafting tools and organize oversized rubberstamps.
2. Kinetic Scrapbooking with “Hidden Photo” demo by Joy from The Heritage Heart.
3. Rubberstamping Station created by Pattie from an old desk, using paint and caulking!
4. Craft Wars with post office mailing cartons! Pattie makes a desk set with delicate handmade paper, raffia, and beads, with a matching pencil holder.
5. Funky fur covered chair by Pattie. Learn how to hot glue fake fur over a thrift store vinyl chair, just perfect for teens, or that college dorm room! 
6. Fabric covered boxes for organizing CD’s, video tapes, and files, by Pattie. 
7. Wooden spindles are perfect to organize ribbon, tape and wire, with Pattie. 
8. Old luggage decoupaged and painted for stashing scrapbooking supplies by Pattie. Rubberstamped file folders by Sunday International are perfect to fill them up! 
9. Krylon painting technique, “Antique Metal” on an old mail box, by Pattie. 
10. Shelves for rubberstamps, created by Pattie with old frames. 
11. See how the entire room came together with all of the new organizing crafts!

CRAFT TV - Volume #20 - (approx. 90 minutes) 
January 2004 - Comfort crafting is perfect for the winter months as Pattie and her guests create cozy projects that toast your toes and taste yummy! Rubberstampers will join chocoholics as they create cute wrappers for candy bars. Would you believe that you can make shoes from wash cloths? Then, you’ll want to make miniature soaps for a bubble bath and light your homemade candle that didn’t cost a thing! Marlene has the perfect cure for sore muscles or cold tootsies, and speaking of toes, Pattie has a foot bath that’s fit for a princess!

Who knew that you could make a tote bag out of Christmas cards? Well, Pattie made one, and Marlene did giant kissing balls for Craft Wars. So, don’t throw those old cards away! You can craft in your pajamas to do these comfort crafts...for a total of 11 projects this month on Craft TV!

1. Chocolate candy wrappers are fat free, and full of fun! Sunday 
International’s EZ-Mount Stamp-n-Store rubberstamps make the perfect wacky wrappers for candy! 
2. Scrap TV with Joy Sussex captures our emotions with metal art scrapbooking pages, using wire mesh, nail heads, luggage tags, eyelets, vellum tag art, and more! 
3. Wash cloth house slippers by Pattie, with fluffy eyelash yarn pompoms. 
4. Layered wax candles made in recycled milk cartons, ice cream & juice cartons, made by Pattie with Yaley candle wicks and old melted candles. 
5. Krylon painting technique, “Check & Stripes” with Pattie, as she creates a black and white striped treasure chest. 
6. Craft Wars with recycled Christmas card projects: Marlene Watson makes kissing balls and memory photo spheres, and Pattie makes a tote bag with a beaded handle! 
7. Asian motif soaps, and mini-soaps made into favors using the PerFavore’ machine by Pattie, with “Just For You” charms by Blue Moon Beads. 
8. “Toe Toasters” made by Marlene Watson. Terry cloth rice pillows printed with the Print Gocco machine, that you heat in the microwave for sore muscles or cold feet!
9. The PattieWack Tassel Tools are used to create a beautiful lariat necklace with tassels on both ends. 
10. Create a foot bath filled with smooth stones, and soothing words around the rim, painted with Berol Prismacolor paint pens. Watch Pattie turn the foot bath into a fancy fountain with an aquarium pump!


CRAFT TV - Volume #21 - (approx. 78 minutes) 
February 2004 - Can’t get enough craft tips? You’ll love the tons of tips throughout the entire show, from quilt covers to journals, and magazine holders to patio lights! These cute and crafty fashions will turn heads, with a funky fiber belt, and a sassy sun glass holder. And you simply must have the fashion pins, cards, and high-heeled magnets we made for Craft Wars. There are so many, you can’t count them! Altered candles are embellished with the words “Be Happy”, and with buttons and wallpaper cutouts, so pretty you won’t want to light them! That’s not all you’ll see on this Craft TV, because there are at least a dozen projects, just for you!

1. Crafty tips throughout the entire show, from quilt covers to journals, and magazine holders to patio lights! 
2. Altered candles decorated with Wallies, fibers, stickers and buttons for a soft, aromatic setting for any room in the house. 
3. Beaded sun glass cases with Jolee’s boutique stickers and Beadorables, so pretty that you’ll have to make one for everyone you know. 
4. You’ve heard of snow globes, but have you heard of “Soap Globes?” These made by Marlene Watson are filled with silk flowers and ready to wow your friends! 
5. Add character to any wood item with this distressed ivory KRYLON painting technique. It is perfect for creating that shabby chic look, and especially this cute birdhouse.
6. The crafting divas are at it again in this month’s Craft Wars with recycled magazines. Denise LaLiberte and daughter Leslie make magnets, push-pins, bookmarks, cards and notepads. Pattie decoupages a crazy clipboard.
7. From the “Fun with Fibers” book, learn how to make this funky yo-yo fiber belt. 
8. Joy Sussex from TheHeritageHouse.com shows us how to scrapbook with “All Boy” color blocking, that’s super simple. 
9. Pattie brings back and old Bible School project, with rolled magazines and clothesline to make a totally cute vase and pencil holder to match. 
10. These reverse collage plates and glass tabletop are grrrrrrr-eat! You’ll never believe how easy they are to do in animal print, art deco, and sunflowers. All you need is a little tissue, paint, cutouts and glue!


CRAFT TV - Volume #22 - (approx. 80 minutes) 
March 2004 - Gardening and crafting seem to go hand in hand, and several of the crafts this month are super for outside. Get the garden party started with fun paper party lanterns adorned with glitter, polka dots of tissue and ribbon. You’ll have the birds eating out of your hand with a hand statue for the garden, and then decorate garden tools personalized with colorful acrylic paints and tassels.

Need a place for your pink foam curlers? Grab a bleach bottle, because for Craft Wars, we’ll create a purse with sushi fabric and pompom trim, and a bunny basket with oversized pompoms! And that’s just the beginning of the projects in this video, along with scrapbooking pinwheels, hand-cut eggs, and framed botanicals, there are 11 projects ready for you to craft!

1. Get the party started with these fun paper party lanterns adorned with glitter, polka dots of tissue and ribbon. 
2. Garden tools personalized with colorful acrylic paints and tassels, are perfect for gift giving.
3. Watch as Marlene Watson shows how she made these intricately cut eggs mounted on molded “Faux Granite” Envirotex bases and decorated with Chart Pak Rub On Transfers to create pen sets. 
4. These framed botanical alphabets using dried or silk leaves are simple, but stunning sophistication art pieces. 
5. You can create this aged terra cotta KRYLON painting technique, just like Pattie’s garden fairy statue, for any dimensional item. 
6. Need a place for your pink foam curlers? Grab a bleach bottle, because for Craft Wars, Pattie creates a purse with sushi fabric and pompom trim. Marlene makes a bunny basket with oversized pompoms. 
7. You’ll have the birds eating out of your hand with this hand statue for the garden, made with Precious Impressions.
8. Check out these “girlie girl” sports drink covers made with socks, using Simply Spray fabric paint & stencils!
9. Pinwheels for scrapbooking? Yes, and these by Joy Sussex at The Heritage Heart.com are perfect for your pages. 
10.Garden stakes for seed packets, using clothes hangers, wire & beads & charms, are easy to make, and Pattie shows us how!


CRAFT TV - Volume #23 - (approx. 80 minutes) 
April 2004 - Do you need to know how to make those trendy juice bag purses? Craft TV will show you how, and that you can also use chocolate candy wrappers for the cutest juice bag purses, ever!

On this month’s Craft TV we are celebrating the launch month for The Creative Living Network, which is an exciting new party plan for crafters! We’re putting on a Creative Party, and demonstrating a rubberstamped picnic place setting, with matching invitations and favors, using products from the Creative Living Network. Fun! Beautiful tag books, a French tin wall vase, “Red Hat Society” door decor, aromatic sachets, coffee candles, a darling decoupaged sewing box, and Craft Wars with wine bottles all add up to over 15 projects on this month’s, Craft TV!

1. A sewing box and wall plaque, decoupaged with dress patterns and vintage papers, are perfect for any seamstress.
2. Wine bottles were this month’s challenge for Craft Wars! Pattie makes an incense burner covered with rubberstamped paper clay, and embellished with Clearsnap charms. Marlene creates oil lamps, using Chart Pak Rub Ons and Pinata paints. 
3. You can make these cool candles with found objects, including marbles, buttons, coffee beans and pebbles.
4. Personalize silky or satin sachets with the Print Gocco by Marlene Watson, and fill them with lavender, treats and sweets.
5. Greet your guest with this “red hat society” door decor. Or, you might just want to wear this cute hat decorated with brads, ribbon, and gardening miniatures!
6. Do you need to know how to make those trendy juice bag purses? Marlene shows us how, and that we can also use chocolate candy wrappers and Coveralls for the cutest juice bag purses, ever!
7. A french tin wall hanging and wall shelf is easy to do with the KRYLON rustic french wash technique, using spray paint and sandpaper.
8. Join us and Julie Ryver from The Heritage Heart.com as she teaches a class how to make beautiful tag books with scrapbooking papers, trims, charms and ribbons.
9. Pattie has a Creative Party, and designs a rubberstamped picnic place setting, with matching invitations and favors, using products from the Creative Living Network. How fun!
10.Viewer chit chat featuring a reverse collage plate and a booboo bunny.


CRAFT TV - Volume #24 - (approx. 84 minutes) 
May 2004 - You can craft all summer with these terrific projects. Pattie shows how to create curtains with pockets, patriotic t-shirts, a g-r-r-r-eat animal print mirror, and turns wine glasses into terrific tea light lamps, with crafting plastic polka dot shades for oohs and aaahs at your next party! 

Watch as Scott and Pattie go crazy with Craft Wars! You won’t believe how many things you can craft with clothespins. How about a barn wood frame, recipe holder, message center....and more! Have a Creative Party with Pattie as she makes an antique embossed frame and a rubberstamped vellum card that exclaims “Celebrate!” 

1. Pretty pocket curtains, a screen, lampshade, chair cover and a cute wall hanging are perfect for creating scrapbooking for the home. Fusible web makes them fun and easy ‘no-sew’ projects. 
2. Marlene Watson creates darling shrink plastic designs for pins, charms, and magnets with a laser printer and her computer. Her kits with CD’s are filled with seasonal art for anytime of the year.
3. Patriotic T-shirts painted in a few easy steps are colorful and bright, with Simply Spray fabric paint. 
4. Craft Wars with clothespins! Scott adds them to a frame to hold extra snapshots. Pattie designs a clay pot note holder, recipe box and a message center.
5. This animal print frame is easy to do, using Pattie’s Krylon spray paint technique. Any flat surface becomes a canvas in your home.
6. Guest, Dee Hickman, visits the Craft TV studio, and shares her love for pressed flower crafts. You’ll love her cards and candles embellished with delicate pressed flowers.
7. Turn wine glasses into terrific tea light lamps, and add crafting plastic polka dot shades for oohs and aaahs at your next party!
8. Creative scrapbooking is easy with the kits that Joy Sussex shares with us, including: “Boo to You”, “Toothless Wonder”, “Sweet Memories”, Rudolph” with a nose that lights up, and MORE!
9. Have a Creative Party with Pattie as she makes an antique embossed frame and a rubberstamped vellum card that exclaims “Celebrate!”


CRAFT TV - Volume #25 - (approx. 80 minutes) 
June 2004 - Take the gloom out of June with these beautiful garden party projects. Pattie has tons of ideas to dress up the house, including a “Welcome” wreath and a “Tea Party” sign to invite guests by displaying on her unique twist to a scarecrow/Garden Girl! Entertain your friends with fancy bubble wands in champagne glasses, rose petal votives, wire & beaded place settings, and stenciled wooden tray. 

Turn collectibles into crafts, and gather up your old 33 1/3 record albums for Craft Wars! Marlene and Pattie will dazzle you with bowls, clocks and tote bags! Dee Hickman is back with the second half of her pressed flowers and an informative chat about the crafting kids on the Isle of Mann.

1. Pretty pressed flowers make perfect lampshades with one of our Craft TV subscribers, Dee Hickman as our guest.
2. Turn a slice of a tree into a “tea Party” sign, and then dress up a scarecrow in a fancy dress and hat, to hold your invitation for the yard, and beckon in the guests.
3. Hang wooden discs to say “Welcome” inside this glamorous shabby chic grapevine wreath, covered with hydrangeas.
4. Stenciling has never been easier with this KRYLON spray paint technique, on a wooden tray in the prettiest of pastels.
5. Turn up the heat and turn old records into bountiful bowls with this Craft Wars project. You can even turn them into clocks, too! Pattie will show you how to make a terrific vinyl tote to slip your favorite album covers into.
6. A tissue paper decoupaged frame is perfect to display your menu for the guests to check out.
7. Vellum papers are blowing in the breeze when you turn them into darling daisies to hang on this beribboned mobile.
8. Top your tables with twisted wire and beads, hooked into a mesh tablecloth, with coordinating cutlery, napkin ring and pitcher.
9. Shrink-plastic bubble wands placed in a champagne glass filled with liquid bubbles will entertain your guests, kids and adults alike!
10. The daintiest rose petal votives you’ve ever seen are easy to make with silk flowers and a hot glue gun.


CRAFT TV - Volume #26
July 2004 - Go crazy with crafts in this funky volume of Craft TV, and grab your heat gun! You're going to emboss on retro aqua blue melamine plates, with Le'Paris rubberstamps, and funk up some simple white tiles, and even stack tea cups on top of candlesticks....all with a French accent. Ooooooh, la la!

Don't throw away your bottle caps, and those CD tins, because Scott will show how to make the darndest tic-tac-toe games, and Pattie will make fun frames.

Oh, and speaking of French....you will love the cigar box purse, with a truly unique handle made with a chain/rubber tube handle. Curious? Then get your Craft TV Volume #26 video now!

1. Pull out those Scribbles Paints, to make a darling 3-Dimensional frame and pencil holder set that reminds you of finger-painting.
2. They say that the “best things come in little packages,” and they will love these Mini Gift Bags as much as the gift tucked inside.
3. Remember burnt brown bag crafts? Everyone will think that these Brown Bag Sculptures are metal or copper, not burnt paper bags!
4. Add the sophisticated look of leather to any room with an easy Faux Leather Lampshade and Box, using this Krylon technique.
5. Oooo, la- la! Embossed Tiles, Candlesticks & Plates will get everyone’s attention, with a French accent.
6. Bottle Cap Tic-Tac-Toe Games are fun for the whole family, not to mention the educational lesson in recycling.
7. Playful Bottle Cap Frames bring back memories of lazy summer days when a cold drink of soda pop was the coolest!
8. Get a fork! That’s what you’ll want to do when you check out Faux Icing Cake Boxes with bread dough roses, that look good enough to eat.
9. Cigar Box Purses are all the rage, and you will turn heads when you make yours with a special ball chain handle.
10. Pouf Magnets made with a feather boa are as much fun to create as they are to give away, with a special message.


CRAFT TV - Volume #27
August 2004 - We're going "Hollywood" with gilded rose leaves stamped onto handmade paper wall sconces, and making the same sterling silver bracelets Sharon Osbourne made popular, with miniature photos!

But don't get too serious, because we'll see you in the funny papers! The comic strips from the Sunday newspaper are just perfect to make a trendy little clutch and matching barrel beaded bracelet, with the help of our friend, and Designer... Joan Fee.

Get your scissors and old jeans, for this totally round denim pillow and lampshade for the dorm room, or just any room in the house, for that matter!

1. Go crazy with canvas, as we rubberstamp on Canvas Floor Cloths and Placemats in simple geometric patterns.
2. You will be proud to wear your memories with these gorgeous sterling silver Memory Maker Bracelets, filled with photos.
3. When can you see through a paper bag? When Marlene Watson makes Paper Bag Vases, using resin and rub-ons!
4. Add a masculine accent to any room with an easy Faux Tortoise Shell Krylon technique to paint beautiful boxes.
5. Gilded rose leaves on handmade paper make handsome Gilded Wall Sconces out of tomato cages!
6. Comic Strip Newspaper Beads are perfect for making bracelets, and really fun when you see Joan Fee do Craft Wars!
7. Purses Perfect for Pencils, are easy and fun when you laminate the funny papers and sew up your favorite characters.
8. You can make these Gallery Globe Bowls with simple paper shred, when you see Marlene show you how!
9. This Denim Duo Lampshade & Pillow are perfect for a dorm room, and easy on the pocketbook.
10. After School Crafts are a blast, with this tissue paper roll Pompom Blaster, and the kids will love it! 


CRAFT TV - Volume #28
September 2004 - You'll be want to jump into a swimming pool of pom poms after you see Pattie's fancy Flamingo Pillow! But don't get too crazy, because the serious crafter will love to create a romantic necklace with Shrink Art. All you need is your fave romance novel and then watch this video to see just how easy it is. And just when you thought it was safe, grab your rubber gloves for the cutest set of retro dish washing you've ever seen. All this and more, with over 10 projects, plus something for the kids.

1. Who knew that spray paint and water make Marbled Paper! You will love these Butterfly Journals covered with this super easy, yet beautiful technique with Krylon Paper Finishes.

2. Read a romance novel, and then craft with it! Find out how to make Romantic Shrink Art Charms into charming jewelry.

3. Learn to microwave pressed flowers for Darling Dessert Plates and you’ll be serving up this idea to all of your friends!

4. Turn a garage sale find into a fabulous frame, with this Krylon Weathered Patina copper technique, in just minutes.

5. Create a lovely Embossed Vellum Butterfly Card, Mini Album, and Scrapbook Page with Parchamore’ by Fiskars, with Joy Sussex. 

6. What do puppets, pillows, and pencil holders have in common???
Pom poms! Pom pom Puppets are too cute, and so easy, but FUN!

7. Pattie will have you wishing for a swimming pool of pom poms, as she embellishes her Pink Flamingo Pom Pom Pillows and pencil holders!

8. Sometimes you just want to serve someone a cup of wisdom, with a little trust, joy, peace, faith and love. This special little paper crafted 
Cup of Wisdom will bring joy to anyone as a very special gift.

9. Need a little help with the housework? Sew a pair of these whimsical Retro Garden Gloves, with fancy fabric cuffs!

10. Halloween Critter Pens will delight the kids, and keep them busy with this after school craft.


CRAFT TV - Volume #29
October 2004 - Baby get your jeans on, and let's craft! You'll learn how to change denim pockets into a gorgeous purse, and then grab a few bicycle parts to make a hip bedazzled belt to wear with it. Scott is a cyclist crazy dude, and he has a few ideas of his own as he makes some funky yet fashionable jewelry with bike parts, like a bracelet and a watch band out of an old tire! There's plenty of paper crafts, and candlemaking, and painting in this episode, so let's get crafting!

1. Beaded and wax-sealed candles are the “Creme de la Candle” when you pour yummy flavors like vanilla smoothy and cucumber melon wax into a glass cappuccino mug. Mmmmmmmm........ 

2. The cutest jewelry can be made with of all things, POMPOMS! You’ll be making this Pompom Jewelry in a matter of minutes.... 

3. Get ready for holiday gift-giving with these deliciously darling Cookie & Hot Chocolate Mix Gift Containers made from jars! 

4. Transform terra cotta pots, and get them winterized with this beautiful Krylon painting technique we call....”Old World Pottery.” 

5. Grab an old inner tube out of the garage, and create a funky-fun Latex Hipster Belt, and bedazzle your friends with your creativity! 

6. The men in your life will love this cool Bike Chain Bracelet, and will be amazed that you learned how to do it on Craft Wars!

7. Pretty little gift cards are especially nice, when you tuck them into these clear Crafting Plastic Pockets on a gift bag & scrapbook page. 

8. A magnificent “Tree of Life” dimensional sculpture is as easy as it is beautiful, and shrink plastic is the secret! 

9. Gather the kids around to craft these fun yet functional Kid’s Foam Photo Hangers and decorate their bedroom walls. 

10. Turn your old jeans into a trendy Jean Pocket Purse that will totally turn heads and add the perfect accent to any outfit! 

11. Check out the beautiful pillows, tea cup pin cushions, pergamano bookmark and faux cake boxes that your fellow Craft TV Friends have sent in to share with us!


CRAFT TV - Volume #30
November 2004 - Do you have precious vintage hankies in a drawer somewhere? Well, you can make dolls with them! These are just adorable, and of course you must make the darling jewelry box to place them in, or the broken china brooches that are so fab! Don't throw away old cookie tins either, because with a little spray paint and stencils, you will have decorative containers to fill with cookies to give away, or to impress your family. And have you ever heard of crackled paper? Yes, crackled paper for calendar covers and business card holders are so creative and a great technique to learn for other paper crafting for cards and scrapbooking. Call your girlfriends, and pull up a chair for some fantastic crafts in this volume of Craft TV!

1. Stencils make recycled Cookie Tins look like new! Krylon spray paint and cabinet knobs transform canisters into beautiful collage art. 

2. Broken China Brooches are just the thing to glam up your wardrobe, and a beautiful way to use a sentimental teacup or broken china piece. 

3. Give tasty treats in these Pretty Boxes by Marlene, using a box template, and festive holiday papers found at www.marlenewatson.com. 

4. Your friends will love these Girlfriend Jewelry Boxes, decoupaged and rubberstamped with last year’s calendar, and alphabet stamps.

5. Darling Hanky Dolls are absolutely adorable, made with paper dolls and ladies hankies, just in time for gift giving for the holidays.

6. Monogramed Men’s Handkerchiefs, and Sports Team Hankies are so easy to make with the Print Gocco silkscreen system. 

7. These Lamp Shade Christmas Card Holders are one of a kind, with a pretty ribbon, but a great idea for a memo holder any time of the year.

8. While you’re busy in the kitchen, let the kids get busy making these Bean Boxes, so easy but so much fun!

9. Crackled Calendars and Crackled Business Card Holders are so pretty and practical to give for the new year. 

10. Last-minute gift wraps are made simple with these 5-Minute Gift Bags and all sorts of festive ideas for holiday gift giving.


CRAFT TV - Volume #31
December 2004 - We're going to pump you up with some savvy crafts this month! How about painting those weights to help motivate you to get in shape? Or, use fusible web to create some cute shoe bags with animal print. Get ready for Valentine's Day with beautiful candy boxes and an ice mold, surrounded with pretty little party favors for everyone. And Craft Wars is serving up some great ideas for those foam food trays that you won't believe! Look for 13 projects on this volume of Craft TV, just bulging with awesome ideas, just for you!

1. Get back into shape with an embellished Yoga Mat and Painted Exercise Weights with healthy sayings to liven up your work-outs. 

2. Perfect for a wedding or Valentine’s Day, dimensional Sweetheart Boxes are so pretty with ribbons and paper roses adorning the tops.

3. An elegant Marbled Serving Tray is easy, yet sophisticated with a Krylon faux finish technique in beautiful greens and gold.

4. You would never guess that foam trays could be turned into Zebra Striped Mirrors with beads and wire, with a boutique attitude.

5. A Pencilholder/Calendar makes a lovely addition to any desk, when covered with faux finish ChartPak Rub-ons by Marlene Watson.

6. Heritage Reverse Collage Frames will preserve your cherished family photos and add a lovely accent to any home decor. 

7. Rubberstamped frogs are hopping off the page when you make a cute see-through pocket on this “Hoppy Birthday!” Card.

8. Get ready for your party with a gorgeous Valentine Ice Mold and pretty little Puffy Party Favors for each guest!

9. Let the kids go crazy with recycled Christmas cards, by turning them into Bookmarks and Cut-Out Tags.

10. Fusible web a special little Shoe Tote Bag, Towels and Bag with a leopard touch for a fashion statement on your next vacation get-away!


CRAFT TV - Volume #32
January 2005 - After School Crafts are so much fun, especially when the kids trace around their hands and make a fun and practical container to stash all of their “stuff.” Now, do you need something that is in good taste, and tastes good? Then you’ll love these handsome Leather Lace-Ups to wrap around a good bottle of wine as a gift. And if you have the PattieWack Pom Pom Tool, you are just going to go bonkers over this fashionable boa. Your friends will never believe that you made it yourself! Oh, and have you heard of book thongs? Well, here's how to make them for pennies, and they are gorgeous! Come craft with me on Craft TV and see much more, in volume #32!

1. Don’t cry over a broken dish, just save it for this darling little footstool turned into a creative Mosaic Plant Stand with a little handle on the side to hang a tassel!

2. The look of stained glass is easy with these Stenciled Candle Cozies made from vellum paper and glazed with beautiful swirls of silver and gold paints.

3. Who knew you could make a boa out of pompoms? That’s right! Your new PomPom Boa will turn heads as fast as it is to make, and you know girls, scarves are all the rage this winter!

4. Grab your tools, because you’ll need to drill into a wine bottle to create these gorgeous Wine Bottle Party Lights as demonstrated by Marlene Watson.

5. Need something that is in good taste, and tastes good? Then you’ll love these handsome Leather Lace-Ups to wrap around a good bottle of wine as a gift.

6. It’s time to plan for that first garden party this spring, and this cute little Garden Party Boot Favor is just the thing to fill with candies and treats for your guests.

7. Keep those potato chip cans, and turn them into pretty little candleholders, Dioramas, or candy boxes with these ideas from Marlene and her Rub-Ons.

8. Turn any book, 3-ring binder, calendar, or portfolio into a textile work of art, with beautiful Quilted Book Binders that you stitch up in no time at all.

9. After School Crafts are so much fun, especially when the kids trace around their hands and make a fun and practical container to stash all of their “stuff.”

10. Your bookworm buddies will be standing in line for you to make them one of their very own beautiful Shrink Art Book Thongs that are like jewelry for their books!


CRAFT TV - Volume #33
February 2005 - Kick up your heels when you make the terrific shoe tiles on this volume of Craft TV. And the garlic keeper will take rubberstamps to another level as you stamp on a clay pot. You can get organized with the tiger hat boxes, and get your groove on with the embossed pewter candles. We also have special guests, the Oskamps, as they show you how to create some of the most intricate and elegant paper crafts from Canada. Another guests from Australia demonstrates a new personal silk screen machine for starting your own business, or your favorite club or church! Wow! There's even crafts for the kids, and Marlene Watson with a stunning egg bouquet, you won't want to miss, and MORE!

1. The look of heavy metal is beautiful on these Embossed Pewter Candles, and will make the perfect gift for that man in your life.

2. This adorable Bunny T-Shirt is absolutely adorable, and so easy to do, with our Aussie friend, Simon Cohen, as he demonstrates a new silk-screen technique from “down under.”

3. Who knew you could decoupage with napkins? Tiger Hat Boxes, and an Asian Desk Set & Mardi Gras Mask are incredibly gorgeous and fun to do with decorative napkins & glue.

4. Marlene gets the crown in Craft Wars with her darling Decorative Clay Pots.

5. A Garlic Keeper is so cute and quirky to make with rubber stamps, finials and feet!

6. It’s time to plan for those weddings, graduations, prom and first communions, with these decorative Tassel Ornaments for the bride & groom, or any occasion.

7. Meet Mary and Merrilynne Oskamp as they show us their delightful techniques for the most intricate and beautiful Paper Crafts from Europe!

8. Just in time for spring, Marlene decorates a stunning Egg Bouquet.

9. Sassy Shoe Tiles are so cute, with pompom fringe and sayings to hang on the wall of your dressing room.

10. Your kids will love making Craft Foam Organizers this month for their fun and easy After School Craft.


CRAFT TV - Volume #34
March 2005 - Get ready for the summer with this month's Craft TV. You will learn how to turn plastic bottles into patio party lights, votive candles and torcheres. Your toes will be giggling when you tickle them with fuzzy pompom flip flops! A cute paper craft set will delight anyone with a tiny cup filled with potpourri and matching card. There's terrific tie belts, a decoupage bird house, shrink art evening bags, and more!

1. Create a whimsical home for two lovebirds with a charming Decoupage Bird House adorned with buttons, tissues and gold.

2. This aromatic Coffee Cup and Card Set is such a cute idea, filled with a sachet of potpourri, punched with holes and laced with ribbon.

3. Turn ordinary summer thongs into Funky Flip Flops! Add some fuzzy fibers and a perky pompom to tickle your fancy & your toes!

4. Save those plastic drink bottles for Craft Wars, and you can make Frosted Patio Party Lights to hang from an umbrella or the trees.

5. Another Craft Wars idea with 1-Liter bottles….Frosted Votives, and Frosted Torcheres for the walkway to light the path for your guests.

6. Add some sparkle to your wardrobe, and some razzle to your dazzle when your wear these totally Terrific Tie Belts.

7. Mary and Merrilynne Oskamp are at it again, as they show us their spectacular techniques for creating Spirelli Paper Crafts from Europe for card making, gifts, and scrap booking!

8. Marlene has some Curly Ribbon Crafts that you won’t want to miss.

9. Diva Shrink Art Dolls will be dancing the night away on your favorite handbag, or to make as a fancy lapel pin.

10. Grab some wooden spoons, and create an ensemble of characters with your kids as you make these Silly Spoon Puppets!


CRAFT TV - Volume #35
April 2005 - Would you believe you can make a purse out of a BRA? Yes, you can! This is the ultimate in art bras. Pattie shows how to make the funkiest bra purse in red velvet and tassels that you will just die for! Marlene Watson challenged her with a darling baby blue bra purse, turned evening bag. Don't miss this volume of Craft TV, with tank top pillows, candle jewelry, paper weaving and more. Just when you thought your lingerie was safe!

1. Wake up those tired pillows with Tank Top Pillows! Add a few beads and a tassel, for some fun and funky accents to any room.

2. Jazz up your candles with Candle Jewelry that will dazzle your friends when you show them just how easy they are to make.

3. Who knew you could stain simple wooden trays with markers? Marlene Watson will create unique Accessory Trays for us.

4. You’ll be going through your lingerie drawers so that you can create your very own French Bra Art Purse and shock your friends! 

5. Craft Wars just wouldn’t be the same without Marlene, and she really challenged us with her daring Bra Purse Evening Bag.

6. Salvage those old trays from the garage, and turn them into Chalkboard Play Trays, with Krylon® chalkboard spray paint!

7. Mary and Merrilynne Oskamp are at it again, as they show us their spectacular techniques for creating Paper Weaving Paper Crafts from Europe for card making, gifts, and scrap booking!

8. The kids will love this rainy day project, and learn how to use a ruler when they make their own Fun Foam Inch Worms. 

9. Dress up your wardrobe with these dazzling earrings and bracelet, when you create this beautiful Swarovski Crystal Jewelry.

10. These Origami Envelope Cards are as much fun to receive as they are to make, and you can embellish them with your favorite stickers or rubberstamps! 




Copyright 2002 Craft TV Productions